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  1. Configuring TVRRUG Marlin for maximum Z endstop

    April 12, 2013 by Hannah

    Maximum Z Endstop

    The default set up for RepRap Z endstops seems to be a minimum Z microswitch. It’s easy to set up, but soon becomes a right pain when you need to make an adjustment of a fraction of a millimetre – pretty tough to move your microswitch that small a distance. One alternative is to fix the microswitch at the maximum of the axis and adjust the known position of the endstop in the firmware.

    Here are instructions on how to configure the TVRRUG Marlin firmware for a maximum endstop.


  2. Scarf Organisation

    January 30, 2013 by Hannah

    Scarf Organisation

    Finally, after 24½ years, I have apparently become fed up of living in chaos and am on a bit of an organisation kick. Unfortunately everything seems to have got worse before it has got better, but I can take heart in one thing at least being tidy – my scarves. (more…)

  3. TeenTech – Inspiring Tomorrow’s Innovators

    November 6, 2012 by Hannah

    Photo credit: Teentech

    Photo credit: Teentech

    TeenTech is a series of one-day events for schools which aim to inspire teenagers to follow careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects. Since May Dad, myself and/or various members of TVRRUG have taken along our RepRaps to several of these events around the country and put on a short activity for the students to customise and print the word “RepRap”. We try to demonstrate that not only is technology fun and amazing, but also attainable – you don’t need to be part of a massive company and spend lots of money to get involved, and it is possible to build incredible technology yourself. (more…)

  4. Josh Bitelli – Additive Manufacturing by hand

    July 15, 2012 by Hannah

    Photo credit: Josh Bitelli

    I am a meta-cognitive, 230 axis, 3D printer.

    Josh Bitelli is a recent Design graduate from the University of Brighton who we met at Brighton Mini Maker Faire last year. His work ‘3D Drawings‘ returns the craftsmanship to the additive manufacturing process by creating the objects by hand, using trigger-based extrusion tools such as glue guns or mig welders. It was exhibited as part of the New Designers 2012 exhibition in London, which sadly we didn’t manage to attend.

    I love the texture of the pieces. Josh told us that for the stainless steel mig welded items, the nature of the arc welding process creates a unreproducible surface finish every time for truly unique objects.

    This also raises exciting possibilities for 3D printers – these trigger-based extrusion tools could open doors to new affordable materials, such as stainless steel. Anyone up for building a mig-welder 3D printer?

  5. First TVPrusa printers are printing!

    April 12, 2012 by Hannah


    Michel Pollet’s amazing Sappho’s Head print

    At least three of our 20 first round TVRRUG printers are producing prints!

    First past the post was Michel Pollet, and the quality he has achieved in just a few short weeks is absolutely incredible. As a reward, Michel has been helping us test and fix the electronics and give the rest of the group a helping hand. (more…)

  6. 3D Printing weekend at South Hill Park

    April 12, 2012 by Hannah


    It’s hard to believe that it has been over a month since our eagerly awaited “Introduction to 3D Printing” weekend at South Hill Park, and we’re still basking in the after-glow of a successful event (if I may say so myself).

    The excitement began with the preparation when in the week before the event we were down to zero working printers. The Sanguinololu electronics on our trusty old workhorse Prusa had given up the ghost yet again with the heated bed, and the second machine (the TVRRUG demo) was yet to be calibrated. Fixing the Sanguinololu took us down to the wire, which left the Saturday morning while 3D masterpieces were being designed for me to get the second machine up and running.


  7. TVRRUG Update: Extruders, Electronics and Workshops

    March 26, 2012 by Hannah

    Dual Stepper Motor Module

    Time has flown since the last TVRRUG post announcing the release of issue 3, and we’ve been beavering away to get all the last bits and pieces together to complete the kits. Here are the latest developments. (more…)

  8. TVPrusa Issue 3 is Go

    January 27, 2012 by Hannah


    Tuesday night saw TVPrusa Part 3 released into the wild, and as ever instructions are up on the TVRRUG website.

    This instalment contains the previously missing motors and belts, along with the X carriage and some other bits and bobs. With this, you will be ready to take over the world! Or at least be one step closer. (more…)

  9. TVPrusa Part 2: Christmas Special

    December 28, 2011 by Hannah


    Season’s Greetings! We came bearing gifts to yesterday’s TVRRUG meeting, in the form of the second instalment of the TVPrusa build. Instructions are up on the TVRRUG site.

    This issue has yet more goodies, including milled and etched wooden print plates, a PCB heated bed, glass sheets and motors along with the usual printed parts and nuts and bolts. Sadly we are still waiting on belts and some motors, but there is enough to complete the majority of the X, Y and Z axes.

    Looks like Issue 3 will complete the axes, and Issues 4 and 5 will be the extruder and electronics (the order will depend on time needed for sourcing and printing).

    Let’s hope the New Year will see lots of printing!

  10. 3D Printed Chocolate Advent Calendar

    December 1, 2011 by Hannah

    Empire State Building

    It is time to reveal one of the big projects we have been working on over the past month – a 3D Printed Chocolate Advent Calendar!

    After collaborating at Brighton Mini Maker Faire, the guys at Moving Brands (MB) asked RepNap for our help in an ambitious end-of-year project of theirs – to print their very own chocolate advent calendar, each piece a personal motif designed by a member of staff, in 6 weeks.

    As you can imagine, it took a significant amount of persuasion to get me to sign up for the challenge – all of about a millisecond’s worth.

    Well, they did it, and with oodles of style!