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Configuring TVRRUG Marlin for maximum Z endstop

The default set up for RepRap Z endstops seems to be a minimum Z microswitch. It’s easy to set up, but soon becomes a right pain when you need to make an adjustment of a fraction of a millimetre – pretty tough to move your microswitch that small a distance. One alternative is to fix the microswitch at the maximum of the axis and adjust the known position of the endstop in the firmware.

Here are instructions on how to configure the TVRRUG Marlin firmware for a maximum endstop.

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First TVPrusa printers are printing!

Michel Pollet’s amazing Sappho’s Head print

At least three of our 20 first round TVRRUG printers are producing prints!

First past the post was Michel Pollet, and the quality he has achieved in just a few short weeks is absolutely incredible. As a reward, Michel has been helping us test and fix the electronics and give the rest of the group a helping hand. Continue reading First TVPrusa printers are printing!

TVPrusa Part 2: Christmas Special

Season’s Greetings! We came bearing gifts to yesterday’s TVRRUG meeting, in the form of the second instalment of the TVPrusa build. Instructions are up on the TVRRUG site.

This issue has yet more goodies, including milled and etched wooden print plates, a PCB heated bed, glass sheets and motors along with the usual printed parts and nuts and bolts. Sadly we are still waiting on belts and some motors, but there is enough to complete the majority of the X, Y and Z axes.

Looks like Issue 3 will complete the axes, and Issues 4 and 5 will be the extruder and electronics (the order will depend on time needed for sourcing and printing).

Let’s hope the New Year will see lots of printing!

TVPrusa Issue 1 Now Available at all Reputable High Street Stores

Curtis Fletcher’s frame assembly breaks speed records!

Since the first TVRRUG Meeting a few months ago, it has been all systems go! Our ‘Build Party‘ concept has evolved into a part-works series, where at each TVRRUG meeting we release the next lot of parts to progress in the TVPrusa build. This appears to be a popular approach, and we now have 20 budding RepRap-ers chomping at the bit to get their machines built.

Ever eager not to disappoint, we handed out Issue 1: the frame at last night’s meeting. By the time we got home from the meeting, the first frame was already assembled (well done Curtis!).

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Just about recovered from Saturday’s revelry, and what a great time we had! The atmosphere was really open and friendly, and the interest in our Mendel was evident from the moment we got it out of the car. Some had never seen a 3D printer and some had already completed their own, but whatever the level of familiarity reactions were almost entirely positive.

We gave away lots of OSHW logos that we’d printed out and attached to business cards with a paperclip. Some of our example prints in particular attracted a lot of attention e.g. Martijn’s Tornado, the 3D Printed Roller Bearing, and perhaps unsurprisingly being an open source event, the head of the Android mascot. Continue reading OGGCamp11

Announcing Plans for a RepRap Build Camp

Buoyed by the success of our appearance at Reading Geek Night and inspired by the success of the eMakershop Masterclass we thought it would be great to run a Build Camp in the Reading area, to encourage the spread of RepRaps.

Spend a fun weekend assembling your bot, guided by those who have already made the mistakes and so know how to avoid them and without the hassle of sourcing any of the parts yourself. It is possible and very tempting to buy an pre-assembled printer, but by putting it all together yourself you not only get the satisfaction of seeing your efforts coming to fruition but also learn valuable lessons about how to operate and maintain your brand new toy!

Here are the several ways in which we plan to ease the pain of building your own 3D printer:

  • avoid figuring out which machine to build and the various improvements to choose, or spending time calculating the bill of materials and sourcing them all – a kit will be provided for a set up that we¬† ourselves will have built and tested.
  • be guided through the assembly instructions by those who have already built their own machines, passing on their hard-learned lessons and helping you avoid the various “gotchas” along the way
  • access that extra pair of hands required at various points throughout the build that make it all so much easier, but you just don’t have if you’re building it on your own
  • learn how to maintain your machine through constructing it
  • receive advice on software chains and configuring and calibrating your machine and software
  • be taught how to source objects to print and how to go about printing them
  • get ongoing support in the form of a Thames Valley RepRap User Group, which we hope the build camp will be a springboard for.

So let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll put something together :)

UPDATE 13/08/2011: Sign up for the Thames Valley RepRap 3d Printer Build Party Planning Event at EventBrite.com to register your interest and be kept up to date with our plans.