First TVPrusa printers are printing!

Michel Pollet’s amazing Sappho’s Head print

At least three of our 20 first round TVRRUG printers are producing prints!

First past the post was Michel Pollet, and the quality he has achieved in just a few short weeks is absolutely incredible. As a reward, Michel has been helping us test and fix the electronics and give the rest of the group a helping hand.

Since then, we have had the first of our TVRRUG workshops at Reading Hackspace and two more esteemed members have churned out the iconic shot glass:

Barnaby Shearer

and Mike Beardmore

Congratulations to them all, it’s further than many people we’ve met ever got along their RepRap journeys. They’ve thrown down the gauntlet for the rest of the TVRRUG builders, that’s for sure!

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