Hi, I’m Hannah, a twenty-something Theoretical Physics graduate and this is my “lab book”.


Even when I was little I was into making things. If you listen to my Dad, I gave him chronic “ponytail-up-nose syndrome” – whenever he was working on a project I would insert myself between him and it to have a look at what he was doing, sticking my ponytail in his face in the process.

Now I love pretty much anything that can use a precise and methodical approach. Hands on activities from flat-pack furniture to robot part-work magazines; crafts too – I’ve tried my hand at sewing, dressmaking, knitting, origami, bobbin lace making, beading, lampwork and more. I also enjoy less tangible activities like computer modelling, problem solving, maths and logic puzzles.

Here I’ll do my best to document my projects and discoveries I make along the way.