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Gen 7 Up and Running

The trial run at making our own Gen 7 PCB was a success, so we ordered the components and went for the real thing. A few tricky obstacles required surmounting including out-of-date config files, a blown Pololu and invisible shorts, but finally we have life! Continue reading Gen 7 Up and Running

Etching Generation 7 PCBs

The premise behind the Generation 7 RepRap electronics is replicability, so we decided to fabricate our own for our Huxley in progress. Originally we had hoped to set up our Mendel for milling with our Dremel, but with our sticky y axis problem being only improved but not completely solved by increasing the belt tension, we decided to play it safe and etch the PCB instead. Continue reading Etching Generation 7 PCBs

Goodbye RepRap Host Software, Hello RepG

After spending the weekend getting sub-optimal prints using the RepRap host software and trying without success to understand the various settings for calibration, I have given up on it for reasons I will expand upon. Skeinforge seems to be very popular with the 3D Printing community, but it is quite intimidating with hordes of different settings! So I have plucked for ReplicatorG, which as I understand it has a nice friendly interface, with all the power of Skeinforge behind the scenes. Let’s see how I get on.

Continue reading Goodbye RepRap Host Software, Hello RepG