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Just about recovered from Saturday’s revelry, and what a great time we had! The atmosphere was really open and friendly, and the interest in our Mendel was evident from the moment we got it out of the car. Some had never seen a 3D printer and some had already completed their own, but whatever the level of familiarity reactions were almost entirely positive.

We gave away lots of OSHW logos that we’d printed out and attached to business cards with a paperclip. Some of our example prints in particular attracted a lot of attention e.g. Martijn’s Tornado, the 3D Printed Roller Bearing, and perhaps unsurprisingly being an open source event, the head of the Android mascot. Continue reading OGGCamp11

Bowden Extruder Troubles

Our Huxley hot end kept popping out from the clamp, which was warping under the heat, and ramming into the print bed gouging out designs in the plywood.

Several iterations of clamp design later and we’ve settled on a beefed up version that seems to cope with the force of the extruder (even when I had set the Z STEPS_PER_MM to 20% of what it should have been). Continue reading Bowden Extruder Troubles

Quick and Dirty X Belt Tensioning

Mendel’s X belt tension needed increasing, but this is a beggar of a job to do with the original belt clamps (I have the injuries to prove it!). Turns out there is a simple solution, inspired by the Open X Carriage – cable ties!

While this is a preferred solution to the original, it is still difficult to tension the belt beyond a certain point. Also if you change your mind and decide it needs loosening by a notch or two, that can prove to be a challenge! Ideally I’d like a tensioning system like this Y Belt Tensioner by sliptonic on both X and Y axes, but the cable tie will do for now :).

Spool Holder & Sticky Y Axis

We decided when taking our Mendel for a trip to the office that the first project had to be a spool holder – feeding the filament manually was getting tedious and meant Mendel couldn’t be left to print unsupervised. Enter Simple spool system for a Mendel (or other 3d printer) by brokentoaster on Thingiverse, a perfect solution.

Printing these parts has revealed that the Y axis is missing steps somehow, leading to slanted prints. Luckily the parts are still usable. Continue reading Spool Holder & Sticky Y Axis