Replacement power cable for Brother KH-950i

Part of the reason for the delay in discovering the issue with my 950i electronics was that it arrived without a power cable.

The 950i uses IEC-60320 “Appliance couplers for household and similar general purposes” standard connectors. Wikipedia and have good articles on the standard.

The knitting machine houses the C10 male connector, and the cable uses the corresponding C9 female connector.

It is surprisingly hard to get hold of new IEC C9 to UK plug cables!

Sunny Choi of eBay shop Hong Kong Knitting sells all sorts of useful knitting machine paraphernalia, including  an IEC C9 power cable (item number 271210202590 at time of publishing). It’s not particularly cheap though at £18.50*. You have to find and fit the UK plug yourself.

An eBay search for IEC C9 at the time of writing revealed one cheaper option – a New 2m. IEC C9 Mains Lead (Studer, Revox etc.) at £11.95* from seller tascam_revox_etc. Again, you would have to find and fit a UK plug yourself.

Google lead me to the cheapest option, the Leads Direct 2m IEC C9 cable with UK plug at £11.51* (p&p may be extra).

I only have experience with Sunny Choi’s cable. I bought one from eBay back in August 2013, along with some other knitting machine bits and pieces, fitted a plug we had lying around and it works great.

*prices correct at time of writing.

Featured image from Leads Direct 2m IEC C9 cable with UK plug

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