Gen 7 Mounted on Huxley

Huxley Gets Wired

With Gen 7 showing signs of life, it’s time to figure out a mounting solution, wire up Huxley and sort out the opto-endstops and their flags.The electronics mounting plate is inspired by the Techzone Huxley version, but enlarged to fit the Gen 7 board, and secured to the frame with cable ties. The PCB is fixed to the mounting plate with M3 bolts, using spacers printed from PLA to provide a bit of breathing room whilst ensuring no unintentional shorts due using metal washers.

The motor wires were fairly simple to route, but we have left them full length in case we need to re-purpose the motors at a later date. This has left a lot of extra wire at the back of the electronics which needs an ingenious tidying solution, but for now it is just taped to the back of the mounting plate.

Using up some spare opto-endstops that were intended for Darwin had some interesting side-effects. Due to their relative bulk compared to the newer designs they would only fit in certain orientations that made figuring out the right shape and mounting position for the flags surprisingly tricky. After a few dry runs in cardboard we settled on some simple shapes to cut out of a spare tin can we had lying around.

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