Z Axis Assembled

The Huxley Build Commences

Having a working Mendel poses a difficult question – what to print next? After having successfully printed its first self-improvement, it is time for Mendel to become a parent! And what better solution to our portability problems when taking Mendel on the road than a “Mini Mendel”, aka Huxley.

The last week was spent putting together a Bill of Materials and printing off parts, so now the fun begins! I will be documenting the process and provide a full BOM with sources and cost breakdown.

We decided to go with the Techzone version due to the detailed assembly instructions (not having discovered Spacexula’s Documented Build instructions), but couldn’t find a source for bushings with the right OD so substituted the original X Carriage with 623 bearings instead.

Bill of Materials

RepRap Printed Parts

Name File Name Quantity File Set
Top Vertices 2 Techzone
Leg Vertices 4 Techzone
Y Idler 1 Techzone
Y Smooth Bar Clamps 2 Techzone

Techzone File Set
Huxley File Set


Name Quantity Source Cost
295mm (11 5/8″) M6 Studding 2
210mm (8 1/2″) M6 Studding 2
M6 Nut 24
M6 Washer 28
M5x20 Mudguard Washer
M3x12 Cap bolt
M3x20 Cap bolt
M3x30 Cap bolt 2
M3 Washer 12
M3 Nut
M3 Nylock 2
623 bearing 2

And here’s how the build progressed:

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